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Product Image WEISTEC Trunk Ice Tank

WEISTEC Trunk Ice Tank


Weistec Engineering is proud to introduce the trunk mounted water tank upgrade for all M156 Supercharged, and M113 Supercharged vehicles. The use of this water tank upgrade will allow extended heat dissipation in all climates, and will also allow the user to apply ice to the intercooler system if needed to further chill the air charge temperature as it enters the intake path. The tank also contains a large capacity ball valve drain system, that will allow the user to quickly drain hot water from the system and add ice between runs. 

Key Features:

  • Precision TIG Welded Aluminum
  • Large mouth fill port for simple addition of ice
  • Complete system will contain approximately 6 US Gallons
  • 2000 G.P.H. Internal bilge pump for added flow and consistency
  • Aerospace grade fittings, wiring, and lines are included for easy installation on Weistec and factory Supercharger systems.
  • Easy drain access with ball valve
  • 3/4" high flow water lines
Supported Platforms
  • Weistec Supercharged M156 AMG 63 Vehicles
  • Weistec Supercharged M113K AMG 55 Vehicles
  • M113K AMG 55 Vehicles