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Product Image WEISTEC M157 Cooling Upgrade

WEISTEC M157 Cooling Upgrade


M157 powered vehicles feature a water-to-air intercooler system that is tied into the engine coolant system. This, of course, is not an optimal setup in terms of repeatable performance. With tied together systems, the intercooler is limited in its efficiency.

The Weistec M157 Cooling upgrade greatly improves the M157 intercooler system. The upgrade includes the hardware and instructions for separating the intercooler system from the coolant system, a large high performance heat exchanger, our Trunk Ice Tank, and all necessary fittings and lines.

The factory heat exchanger is located between the AC condenser and the engine radiator, both of which are large heat sources that reduce the efficiency of the factory heat exchanger. The Weistec M157 Heat exchanger mounts above the bumper beam, behind the upper grille. The location provides direct access to fresh air that the factory heat exchanger never would.

Our Trunk Ice Tank system is included to increase the fluid capacity of the intercooler system and gives the option of icing down the intercooler when at the track.

The combination of separating the intercooler system from the engine coolant system, the Weistec M157 Heat Exchanger, and our Trunk Ice Tank provide a substantial upgrade to the M157 intercooler system that is unmatched in both performance and cost.

Key Features:

  • Separates Intercooler from Engine Coolant
  • High Performance Heat Exchanger
  • Optimal Heat Exchanger Placement
  • Weistec Trunk Ice Tank for Greatly Increased System Capacity
  • All Hardware, Lines, and Fittings Included
Supported Platforms
  • 2012-Present CLS550 / CLS63 AMG
  • 2012-Present E550 / E63 AMG (Sedan and Wagon)