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Product Image Rogue Engineering Rear Trailing Arm Shims (E36/E46)

Rogue Engineering Rear Trailing Arm Shims (E36/E46)


Improve the handling of your E36/E46 in less than an hour! These RTAB reinforcement shims limit rear toe suspension changes of the rear trailing arms.  These shims fill the voids that the factory rubber bushings, increasing the effective stiffness of the bushing without additional NVH (noise vibration harshness).  These shims do not affect ride quality and are perfect for those who are looking for an improvement in handling.

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Stock RTAB (no shims)
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RE RTAB Shims installed

Fits the following vehicles:

  • All E36, except for Z3/318ti
  • All E46, including M3
  • All Z4

Rogue Engineering RTAB Reinforcements:

  • Four (4) Rogue Engineering CNC'd limiters

Factory Bushings Don't Last Forever
Whereas the factory rear trailing arm bushings are a common replacement item, few realize that all E36 models (including M3s) use a "light duty" rear trailing arm bushing.  Not until the advent of the 1996-1999 M3 was an improved bushing used, to handle the extra power of the later model E36s.

Even if your car is relatively stock, these bushings are known to dry rot and crack, causing diminished performance.  Getting regular alignments are pointless unless these are inspected regularly, and replaced when necessary.

Which bushing is best for you?
Desired Performance Recommended Product Pros Cons
handling & ride
Factory OEM RTAB Just like stock No performance gain
Improved handling, factory ride RE Shims with OEM RTAB Quiet Very small handling improvement
Performance handling, firmer ride RE Performance RTAB
Slightly stiffer and longer lasting than OEM More expensive than OEM
Ultimate handling, firm ride RE Performance RTAB
Long lasting, ultimate performance Not as quiet and soft as stock