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Product Image Rogue Engineering Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (E36/E46) RTAB

Rogue Engineering Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (E36/E46) RTAB


Fits the following vehicles:

  • All E36, including M3.  Does NOT fit Z3 and 318ti.
  • All E46, including M3.
  • All Z4

Problems with Factory Mounts
The factory BMW RTABs (Rear Trailing Arm Bushings) are a very soft material to provide the quietest, most comfortable ride possible.  Because of this, we have seen factory mounts require replacement in less than 50,000 miles and 3 years.  On modified vehicles, expect them to require replacement sooner.

Are your bushings already shot?
A simple test to determine if the stock rear trailing arm bushings require replacement is driving the vehicle in a straight line.  While in gear, under full acceleration, does the car pull to one side?  Additionally, under full, firm application of the brakes, does the car pull again?  If you answered yes to either one, the bushings probably require replacement.

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Factory bushing from a 3 year old, 25,000 mile vehicle.

Rogue Engineering Performance RTABs
The bushing material used in Rogue Engineering Performance RTABs are now available in two different compounds, specifically for your needs.  Both compounds now incorporate a silicone impregnated, polyurethane compound.  The biggest different being the hardness of the material.

BLACK This compound is formulated for STREET applications.  Softer than our blue, TRACK compound, these are stiffer than stock factory OEM bushings and designed to last much longer than stock.  Since these are the great compromise between OEM and our TRACK bushing.  Engineered to approximately Shore A 93 hardness.
BLUE This harder compound is designed for TRACK applications, where monoball components are not allowed.  Less expensive than full Delrin bushings, these bushings are extremely stiff to provide the absolute maximum performance at the TRACK.  Purposefully engineered to approximately Shore D 65 hardness.

This hardness is important in this bushing especially in modified vehicles, since they will exert more force on the rear suspension during acceleration.

The inner sleeve that supports the bushings is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, CNC'd to exacting specifications for a perfect fit, here in the good 'ole USA.

Do NOT confuse these bushings with bushings produced outside of the US, with unknown material with questionable hardness.  We have installed similar bushings produced by other companies which are simply too soft.  In these cases, it would have been better if stock bushings were used since it allows too much movement of the rear trailing arm.

Which bushing is best for you?

Desired Performance Recommended Product Pros Cons
handling & ride
Factory OEM RTAB Just like stock No performance gain
Improved handling, factory ride RE Shims with OEM RTAB Quiet Very small handling improvement
Performance handling, firmer ride RE RTAB BLACK Slightly stiffer and longer lasting than OEM More expensive than OEM
Ultimate handling, firm ride RE RTAB BLUE Long lasting, ultimate performance Not as quiet and soft as stock
Maximum Performance Monoball RTAB No flex, race car performance Can transmit

Squeak, Squeak.  What was that noise?
New Feature!  Our manufacturer has has offered us a silicon based formula, to also keep the urethane bushings quiet during use.  Approximately 1.3 oz. of silicon is poured into the mold, which means that it is permanently impregnated into each bushing.  This process costs more to produce, but we feel that it makes for a better product in the long run.

A common downside of the urethane bushings over stock rubber ones was that they would typically develop noise over time (or even right away).  These noises were from a combination of the harder material, inadequate lubrication (or none at all), and the contact with the factory steel mounting hat rubbing against the bushing.  

A new, exclusive feature now incorporated into the Rogue Engineering RTABs is our new machined "grease trap".  You can see this "grease trap" (picture 1), which is the small area around the end of the aluminum pin.  This allows for lubricant to be remain captive during the installation of the bushings (picture 2) instead of being scraped off by the factory steel mounting hat.  Rogue Engineering is the only company on the market to introduce a novel solution such as this to reduce the noise without sacrificing the performance.

Picture 1

Closeup of the grease trap.
Picture 2

Grease trap, with grease loaded in it.

Professional Installation Required
Because the RTAB "console" removal is required, an alignment is recommended.  For installation of the part itself, it is very straightforward, but requires some special tools:

 Rogue Engineering Urethane RTAB Bushings

Because of the unique design, installation of the bushings is much easier than factory bushings.