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Product Image Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts

Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts


Say goodbye to rear end clunks!  With our legendary Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts (RSMs) you have high quality, rebuildable, easily serviceable parts, unlike the factory OE throwaway parts.  Do not settle for imitations!  We have proudly sold THOUSANDS of our RSMs to many enthusiasts!

Fits the following vehicles:

  • All E30, including M3
  • All E36, including M3, Z3 and 318ti
  • All E46, including M3 
  • All Z4, including MZ4

Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mount Set includes:

  • Two (2) Rogue Engineering 6061-T6 CNC, Anodized Rear Shock Mounts
  • Four (4) Shore A 60 Rubber Bushings (stiffer TRACK versions available at extra cost) 
  • Two (2) 303 Stainless Steel Bushing Spacers (to be used with standard 10mm rear shocks, remove these for 12mm)
  • Four (4) 303 Stainless Steel Washers (2 required per mount)
  • Four (4) Yellow Zinc plated M8 serrated lock nuts
  • Two (2) Shock Tower Reinforcement Assemblies (with 10.9 hardware welded)
  • Two (2) factory gaskets

Common failure of factory RSM

Video Showing Failed STOCK RSM
(clunk, clunk, clunk!)

Problems with Factory Mounts
The factory BMW rear shock mounts are generally a little soft, to provide the most possible acoustically dampening in the vehicle.  However, design precludes them from being stout enough to withstand the rigors of aftermarket suspension, or even badly damaged roads.  A decent sized pothole can send a perfectly good factory rear shock mount to pop out, making it entirely useless necessitating replacement.  Upgrading to E46 M3 rear mounts (a popular alternative) is not a guarantee that it doesn't happen again and again.

Because of poor design and extensive abuse, stock BMW rear shock mounts mounts often fail with rubber deteriorating which then allows the inner metal sleeve to start moving (or eventually separate from the rubber). Usually, this manifests itself as squeaking, rattling, clunking and deflection of the rear shock mount, leading to poor suspension performance and a great deal of annoyance. Replacing the RSM's with OEM units provides temporary relief, but invariably they fail again, usually in 20K miles or so, but often MUCH less when aftermarket high performance shocks are used.

What about those "heavy doodie" factory style mounts?
There has been the introduction of a factory style mount touted as "heavy duty", "taper-core", "ultimate", "stage 1" and many more marketing names.  This revised version of a factory mount addresses a single issue (of many) problems with factory style mounts. 

A rear shock typically exerts a load (F) on the rear shock mount.  The claim being made by these "ultimate doodie" mounts is that the redesigned center steel core with "wings" (indicated by the blue arrows) prevent the center core from tearing, separating and falling through the bottom of the rubber mount. The problem which still exists, when the rubber deteriorates and fails.  When cracking/tearing rubber begins at the top (highlighted in yellow), then entire rubber assembly (with very secure steel core!) comes down with it all.

Like factory mounts, these revised versions are not serviceable and only will only eventually take up room in the local garbage can when they fail.  It's black-painted, stamped steel housing cannot resist corrosion the same way aluminum and 303 stainless steel.

Another shortcoming of these mounts is that they are not made for 12mm diameter rear shocks (which is the size of many aftermarket, performance shocks).  Then again, why would anyone want to put this on a performance shock?  These mounts are really for those looking for a cheap, inexpensive fix for a car they no longer plan on driving in a performance capacity (preparing to sell, trading into a dealer, etc.).

Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mount
By producing a rear shock machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, we are able to attain a more stable and stiffer platform which to mount the top of the rear shock.  However, rather than use race-only spherical bearings or even overly stiff urethane bushings, we specify Shore A 60 hardness rubber bushings (approximately 30% stiffer than the factory bushings) to allow for street comfort and compliance.   Our findings show that overly stiff urethane bushings do not allow the rear shock to move, making the attachment of the lower part of the shock under strain.

The construction of the aluminum shock mount plate and orientation of the bushings makes it impossiblefor the bushings to "pop out" in the manner which the factory style mounts fail.  Since the bushings are rubber, when they require replacement, rebuilding them takes only a matter of minutes.  Only 4 bushings require replacement (for a pair of RSMs) and are available at extra cost.

Other important details include the use of 303 stainless steel components (compression washers and spacers) for long-lasting corrosion resistance.  All other hardware is metric, and either Grade 8 or better, treated with a yellow zinc plating, again for corrosion resistance.

See the RE RSM Assembly

See the RE RSM Installation

Protection and Quick Installation/Removal
Another unique feature is the reinforcement assembly which secures the rear shock mount to the vehicle.  By reinforcing the top of the shock tower in the vehicle, it protect against the rear shock from ripping out the sheet metal.  

How NOT to install the
RE Rear Shock Mounts!

Additionally, the reinforcement has its hardware welded to it, allowing for the rear shock mount to become a bottom-mount design.  This means that if the rear shocks need to be removed, it only requires removing the two nuts and the single bolt at the bottom of the shock.  Once installed, there is no need to completely disassemble the trunk area to gain access.  If being used with a rear strut tower brace, the reinforcement assembly may be mounted from the bottom, so that the rear shock mount can be secured in the traditional manner.

The Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts are designed to be used with standard 10mm shaft diameter rear shocks, but can also be used with 12mm shaft diameter shocks (shocks typically with top adjustments) with the use of optional top and bottom washers (or modifying the supplied ones, by opening them larger).  Simply removing the center stainless steel shaft of the assembly allows for the larger diameter shock to then be used.

Suspension Brand Rear Shock
Shaft Diameter
BMW OEM Shocks 10mm
H&R Coilovers 10mm
FK Coilovers 10mm
Raceland 10mm
ST Coilovers 10mm
KW Variant 1, 2, 3 10mm
Bilstein HD, Sport, PSS Coilvers 10mm
Koni Sport/Dinan 10mm
All AST 4XXX/5XXX Series 10mm
Tein (some) 12mm
TC Kline S/A or D/A 12mm
JRZ RS 12mm

The above list is meant as a guide.  If your application is not listed, measuring the OD of the rear shock shaft will determine how the RE RSM will need to be used to fit.



Q.  I have a convertible.  Why do I need to have modified plates?
A.  Because of the different method of RSM installation in a convertible, the upper plates must be modified to accommodate and protect the tower.  See pictures below, for a visual explanation.  Z3 models do not apply!

Convertible top shows two access holes, to remove RSM nuts.  However, no way of installing the plate on top.

The RE RSM plate, modified for convertible installation.

Closeup of modified plate installed.  This is done entirely from within the wheel well.

Cutting the RSM plate into a "C" allows you to insert the plate into the large shock opening first.  Fishing it into the hole will then require you to move the plate until it drops into position.

Q.  I can't get a torque wrench on the top of my rear shock.  How much should I tighten the top nut?  
 A visual indicator that you have enough preload is that the rubber bushings start to get "chubby".  Over tightening the bushings will lead to too much compression of the bushings.

Q.  I just installed your RSMs and now I have a clunk from the back.  What did I do wrong? 
 Check torque of top nut, making sure you have enough preload.  Too much is also bad, as it prematurely wears out the bushings. 

Too much bushing preload!  This will severely diminish the life of the bushings.

Q.  Since a vehicle requires two (2) rear shock mounts for the rear of the car, how many do I need to order?
 Our rear shock mounts are sold by the pair.  Ordering one pair will fit one vehicle.

Q.  Everybody on every forum recommends your RSMs.  Are they that good, or do you pay each and every one of them for the advertising plug? 
 Your purchase allows us to continue paying the thousands of people who already have our RSMs to tell others to buy them.  

Q.  Do you make RSMs for anybody else? 

Q.  I have an E46 M3 with Dinan Stage <Insert Number Here>.  Are the RSMs compatible? 
 Yes.  A customer recently thought our RSMs were too "thick" causing the Dinan springs to fall out when on a lift.  It turns out, the Dinan springs are spec'd short already, and they already fall out under full droop with stock RSMs in place.

Q.  Will adding your RSMs to my Dinan Stage <Insert Number Here> incredible performance to even higher levels of performance?
 No.  It will just provide your Dinan-stickered Koni shocks from pulling out of your rear shock tower.

Q.  Can I get your RSMs in a custom color? 
 Yes, we can have the RSM alumimum plates anodized in custom colors.  Please note that we require at least a 12 week lead time as well as a minimum order of 150 sets.  Payment in advance is required at time of ordering.

Q.  Your picture above shows pewter (grey) colored plates, but the ones I got are black.  What happened? 
 As of May 2008, we decided to changed our anodizing to black.  Once you go black, you never go back.

Q.  Are your RSMs made in China or Korea?  Do you use sweat shops to assemble them?
 Neither.  The aluminum plates are machined for us by three different contract machine shops companies (one in Brooklyn, NY, one in Bergen County, NJ, the other in Perth Amboy, NJ).  Anodizing is also done locally.  The rubber bushings are custom made for us in Ohio.  The stainless steel "sleeve" is machined for us in Bergen County, NJ on the oldest machine on the planet (Brown and Sharp).  We have no idea where the factory paper gaskets come from, since we get those from the BMW dealer.  We're not sure where the origin of the flanged, serrated hardware comes from, either.  We do know the yellow zinc plating is done in the US.  We source the zip-ties holding the entire assembly from Home Depot, who probably got to be made somewhere overseas.  The entire assembly is done here in our facility in Upper Saddle River, NJ.

Q.  I would like to purchase your RSMs, but am located outside of the US.  Can you ship using USPS for cheaper shipping rates?
A.  Yes.  However, we insist on prepayment of your order by Bank Wire Transfer only.

Q.  I have a <insert business type here> with a valid <insert state here> tax certificate for wholesale.  Can I purchase these RSM for my buddy and me at a cheaper price? 
 Do you qualify as a Rogue Engineering retailer?  You'd better check here, first.   

Q.  I would like to purchase your RSMs, but am located outside of the US.  Can I pay you with my credit card, which I know you cannot verify from outside the US?  How about Paypal?  
 International orders are required to pay with wire transfer only.