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Performance Parts for Euro, JDM & American Autos.

Product Image Rogue Engineering Performance Engine Mounts

Rogue Engineering Performance Engine Mounts


Finally, a real performance engine mount for those looking for the extra edge.  Until now, the only performance engine mount to really consider was the BMW Motorsport Group N engine mounts priced at an incredible $800/pair!  These uber expensive mounts were just like factory engine mounts except they were produced with a harder rubber, approximately 30% stiff than stock.

The Rogue Engineering Performance Engine mount is a affordable alternative to the BMW Motorsport Group N mounts, at a fraction of the price.  Because these are produced with isolated mounting plates, it does offer similar vibration dampening characteristics like stock.  Of course, because of the harder nature of these bushings, some additional vibration may be experienced, just like the BMW Motorsport Group N engine mounts.

Just like factory, but better
The factory-like design incorporates the anti-rotational tabs ensuring that the mounts do not rotate.  Use of these mounts virtually eliminates all deflection created from the engine.  This is especially true for high-powered vehicles such as those with turbos or superchargers.

These mounts are NOT to be confused with "bolt-through" style mounts (aluminum, solid delrin, urethane) where a bolt goes through the entire mount.  Like the factory bushings, these are isolating bushings.

The internals of the mount feature a unique locking system in the event of a crash, the internal hardware of the mounts prevent complete failure of the mount.  Whereas the integrity of the mount will be compromised, its internal construction prevents the mounts upper and lower plates from completely tearing away from each other.  Whereas this may seem to be a small feature, this will ultimately decrease the chances of the engine from breaching the firewall, and entering the internal compartment of the vehicle. No other performance mount can make this claim.

Additional Features
These mounts are made to be 5mm lower (unlike other aftermarket mounts that are TALLER than stock!), lowering center of gravity.  Use of these mounts alone to not require additional spacers for the reduction of height.

Fits the following vehicles:
  • All 1992-1999 E36 M3, 328, 325, 323, 318
  • All 1999-2006 E46 M3, 330, 328, 325, 323
  • All Z4
  • All Z3

Installation Notes

  • We do not recommend using these mounts Kromer Kraft headers.
  • Factory engine mount heat shields are required to be used with this product.  Use without the factory heat shield can lead to premature failure.