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Product Image EVOLVE E39 M5 S62 V8  Equal Length 4-1 Step Design Headers (LHD and RHD)

EVOLVE E39 M5 S62 V8 Equal Length 4-1 Step Design Headers (LHD and RHD)


Evolve High flow 4-1 Step Design headers (exhaust manifolds) 
E39 M5 5.0 V8, performance gain approx. +30-35hp / +25-30 lb.ft

The largest major restriction point of the E39 M5 S62 V8 engine is the exhaust manifolds / headers.
Changing the exhaust system without changing the headers gives no gain in power.  Infact, changing the header back system gives little if any power gain!
The factory items are very poorly designed and looking at them it is clear funds were saved in the department.  No other M Power car has ever had headers as poorly designed as on the S62 engine.

Performance headers are already available on the market but most compromises torque below 5000rpm especially under part throttle driving.  The very highlight of the S62 engine is it exceptional torque at the low to mid engine speeds.  The majority also have non equal length primary tubes which suggests that most were designed to fit rather than designed to perform also.

Evolve produced an equal length 4-1 design which not only allows for more power at the higher rpm's but also enhances the strong points of the S62 engine with almost 400 lb.ft torque (stock torque is 368 lb.ft) from 2000-5000rpm.
Above 5000rpm power increased by anything from 25-40hp depending on the mechanical setup of the engine.

The Evolve 4-1 headers can be used in isolation without any other performance upgrade and give a minimum gain of 30hp and 27lb.ft torque.

This upgrade represents the single largest performance upgrade with more power and torque accross all RPM points which in turn allows for much improved acceleration.  

Noise levels are only slightly increased with the headers alone but the engine does take on a more purposeful note.  For more noise please look at our exhaust range.

Much consideration has been giving to ease of fitment.  The evolve 4-1 headers should take no longer than 4-5 hours to install which includes removing the stock items.

We supply all parts to fit.

In conjunction with the Evolve software and Intake system the S62 V8 will go from an average of 390 bhp / 368 lb.ft to 445 bhp / 400+ lb.ft

- Min. +25bhp / +25 lb.ft
- 4-1 Step Design Design allowing wider power band power increase (allowing faster overall accelerating)
- Constructed in the UK from T304 Stainless Steel with all gas purged TIG welding

Dyno Graph (Headers + Evolve Exhaust only Conversion)