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Product Image EVOLVE E9X M3 E-Tronic Rear Exhaust and Evolve High flow X Pipe with High Flow CATS

EVOLVE E9X M3 E-Tronic Rear Exhaust and Evolve High flow X Pipe with High Flow CATS


Exhaust note and sound level is something that is always a compromise on a fixed system. Sometimes you feel you it’s not loud enough and other times too loud depending on what you have purchased.

To have both in one package is the ultimate solution so you can choose. Simply use the wireless controllers to select your sound level.
Creating a well engineered product is not so simple especially when you have so many variables such as back pressure, power output, sound volume and sound type in the equation.
We have seen numerous times where the current systems lose power on the quiet setting with an acceptable sound level and then do not lose power on the louder setting but are simply too loud.
We have gone as far as possible in our development and testing process for both power outputs, sound type and sound level.
Our Objectives:
- Noise level and type to be sporty, smooth and sophisticated with the valve closed
- Minimal or zero drone with valve closed
- Valve open noise to be epic without being too loud and something you can actually enjoy without being embarrassed
- Valve open noise to have a great pitch
- The difference between the valves open and closed not to just be a difference in sound level but also sound type 
Adjustable tailpipes so they can still be visable on cars with rear diffusers
Engine Power Output:
- Power output not to change with the valve open or closed (This is not easy!)
- Dyno Testing as part of the development process
- Back Pressure testing as part of the development process
- Wireless controllers to open and close the valves allowing both Street and Race sound levels. 
- Adjustable Tailpipes (90mm slash cut staggered or 90mm straight cut staggered) to allow for rear diffusers