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Product Image EVOLVE CSL Style Carbon Airbox

EVOLVE CSL Style Carbon Airbox


Evolve has spent much time in ensuring our carbon airbox was produced by only the best motorsport development companies who are also responsible for producing F1 body panels.

The aim was to produce the best aftermarket CSL style airbox ever released using upto date cutting edge manufacturing processes.

Part of what makes the E46 M3 CSL special is the carbon airbox and it's ability to produce what is probably one of the best noises of any sports car.

An E46 M3 with a CSL airbox is probably the most ideal all round sports car for most enthusiasts giving far more power, throttle response and that fantastic induction roar.

The advantages over any other modification are that no other gives as much power gain and the noise is not like that of an exhaust system.  An exhaust system introduces additional noise at idle, part throttle and full laod driving.  An airbox upgrade makes no extra noise at idle, you can drive under partial load without hearing it.  It's only heard when you apply large amounts of load at engine speeds over 2500 rpm.

Until now not many tuning companies have been successful in fitting a good quality carbon airbox and making the engine run like a factory unit.  There has always been a trade off in some way or another be it fuel economy, rough idle or poor performance.

Evolve now offers a carbon airboxes of extreme high quality from 100% pre preg carbon mated with a custom MAFLESS Alpha-N ECU calibration which allows smooth running of the engine while at the same time taking advantage of the increased airfliow.

Remapping Strategy

AlphaN MAFLESS ECU Calibration (removal of Air Mass Sensor)

Some of the maps within ECU which are modified:

- full throttle fuel
- full throttle ignition aim
- part throttle ignition aim
- minimum ignition set
- torque calculation
- speed limiter of 250km/h removed
- dyno rpm limiter removed (normally set to 6300rpm)
- sport button memory function enabled (sport button remains on permanent if set to on even after ignition is switched off)
- normal and sport throttle maps modified for smoother driving
- vanos intake and exhaust

- throttle opening maps (to achieve 100% opening)

We supply all parts for fitting including breather hoses, CSL Dipstick, air intake temperature probe relocation kit for self fitting and also a full fitting service.