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Product Image EVOLVE BMW E39 M5 MSS52 Engine Performance Software

EVOLVE BMW E39 M5 MSS52 Engine Performance Software


We offer various types of engine management software for the MSS52 control unit depending on the setup of the engine/exhaust.
All of our software is available worldwide through our dealer network or we can remotely tune your car with our 
evolve-R cable (please contact for more info)

E39 M5 MSS52 ECU Remap (for standard cars + cars with intakes & cat-back exhausts)


ECU Remap Performance Software with Vmax 
E39 M5 5.0 V8, performance gain approx. 8-12hp incl. V-MAX release
Price - $800

The changes we make to the BMW software are developed by us in a real time environment and are unique to any other software on the market.
The software is designed such that it will work with any after market cat-back exhaust system or intake system.

some of the maps within ECU which are modified:

- full throttle fuel
- full throttle ignition aim
- part throttle ignition aim
- minimum ignition set
- torque calculation
- RPM limiter in 6th gear (set to 7000 from 6500rpm)
- speed limiter of 250km/h removed
- dyno rpm limiter removed (normally set to 5700rpm)
- sport button memory function enabled (sport button remains on permanent if set to on even after ignition is switched off)
- normal and sport throttle maps modified for smoother driving
- vanos intake and exhaust

- throttle opening maps (to achieve 100% opening)

Most E39 M5's will produce in the region of 390-395bhp on our dyno.
With the ECU remap we generally see anything upto 410bhp once an adaptation time period has elapsed

The software upgrade gives you a smoother running engine with more power under both part and full throttle and will run on both 95 RON (91 USA) and above fuel grades.  It is recommended that higher octane fuels are used to improve drivability and performance.
Throttle response in both normal and sport modes is smoother.
Under full throttle, performance is vastly improved through the midrange (3000-5000rpm) with more torque and horsepower.  At the higher rpm's we achieve a peak gain of anywhere between 8-12hp.  It is difficult to gain more power than this at the high rpm's due to the restrictions in the standard setup.  More will be gained if you have a good working high flow intake system already installed.

Dyno Graph:

E39 M5 MSS52 AlphaN ECU Remap (for standard cars + cars with intakes & cat-back exhausts)

ECU Remap Performance Software with Vmax 
E39 M5 5.0 V8, performance gain approx. 8-15hp incl. V-MAX release
Price - $1120

The Mass Air Flow sensors are a well known problem on the S62 engine in that they do not last very long and are expensive to replace.
They also give a negative effect on the drivability of the M5 which many owners complain about such as jerky throttle response.

AlphaN is where the air mass sensors are no longer used.  Normally if they are unplugged the car will run under a reduced power mode, overfuel and bring up an engine management light with generally poor drivability.  Our AlphaN upgrade is where we further develop the programme so that the S62 engine will run flawlessly without the air mass sensors.  The overall smoothness of the engine is further improved over our standard ECU remap with the low speed drivability and general connectivity with the engine vastly improved.

This upgrade incorporates all of the features and benefits of the standard software above which include the power increase.

Additional Information:
There is no issue of over fuelling but it is essential that the lambda sensors are working correctly (this is essential even without AlphaN) and you keep your air filters reasonably clean (which most enthusiasts will) in order to pass emissions testing.

The MSS52  control uinit is fitted with a barometric pressure sensor and recieves inputs from other sensors (throttle position, lambda, intake air and coolant) to correctly calculate expected airflow and control fuelling.

Air mass sensors are used mainly for emissions purposes where manufacturers are required to setup their cars such that they will pass regulations under the most strigent conditions.  For example, the cars will need to pass emissions tests before release with extremely continaminted oil with air filters which are almost blocked.  Enthusiast drivers never allow such things to occur and therefore air mass sensors are not essential.

This upgrade will only be noticed upon cold start where the engine will have a higher speed by approximately 150rpm for the first 30 seconds.

AlphaN for the MSS52 control unit is also available in conjunction with all other features such as post cat lambda delete and custom remapping for additional upgrades as mentioned below.

E39 M5 MSS52 Custom Performance Software and additional features (Post CAT 02 sensor delete, secondary air pump etc)

ECU Remap Performance Software with Vmax 
E39 M5 5.0 V8, performance gain approx. 8-15hp incl. V-MAX release
Price - $POA

We supply and create custom programmes for engines fitted with performance headers, modified cylinder heads, exhaust systems and almost all configurations.

We have set programmes for cars with:

- Supersprint headers with or without high flow cats
- Evolve Headers

For engine configurations that we have not met before (eg: high flow headers of a different brand or high lift camshafts) which drastically change the breathing / efficiency of the engine we can create a one-off ECU remap to suit. 

In addition to this we can switch off diagnostic codes for:

- cars fitted with high flow cats which will trigger catalytic converter efficiency and throw an engine management light
- cars with the secondary air pump / flow fault code

These features can be purchased seperately.

For pricing on custom software or diagnostic functions please contact us for pricing on sales@0-60motorsports.com