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Product Image Rogue Engineering Wheel Spacers

Rogue Engineering Wheel Spacers


The ORIGINAL lightweight BMW spacer


  • Rogue Engineering cannot be held liable or accountable for fitment suggestions or recommendations for spacers, so do not ask by phone or by email.
  • Spacers are NOT returnable if opened, period.  Unused, unopened wheel spacers may be returned in accordance to our terms and conditions, and WILL incur a restocking fee.
  • From the very beginning, we offered longer lug bolts with purchase of our spacers as a no charge service since no other companies seem to do so.  If you do not wish to receive these lug bolts with your spacer order, ONLY the shipping charges will be discounted since you will be saving the weight of the hardware.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Introducing the Rogue Engineering Wheel Spacer Fit Kit!

Do you really know the perfect size?  Sometimes.  Sometimes not.  The only way to figure it out is to test fit the combinations!  With the Rogue Engineering Fit Kit, you can figure out what works for you!  For only $35 (after refund), you can try before you actually commit to a particular size!

Each kit comes with the following:

  • One spacer of each of our popular sizes (10mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm)
  • Enough hardware to bolt the test spacers onto the vehicle (20 bolts total)

This allows for testing wheel/tire/suspension combinations to see what is best!

Rogue Engineering Fit Kit Terms

To take advantage of the Rogue Engineering Fit Kit Program, your credit card will be charged $235 plus shipping.  Within 30 days of the invoice date, you have the opportunity to return the kit, with all of it's components for a $200 refund to the SAME credit card.  Any missing components (spacers or hardware) will be deducted from your refund amount.

This program is only available to US customers only.

Wheel Spacers
A wheel spacer is a wheel spacer, right?  WRONG!  At Rogue Engineering, what started as a product to support our Big Brake Kits has turned into a unique product in itself.  What many may consider a simple task, we continue to improve our product to make wheel fitting requirements a little easier for the end user. 

Each spacer is clearly identified.
No more guesswork.

New Design!  Notched back allows for screwdriver tip.
Finally, a solution for stuck spacers!


Construction and Material
Rogue Engineering wheel spacers start from 100% billet 6061-T6 aluminum round (not cut from plate).  From there, they are machined entirely on CNC lathes and mills to ensure absolute roundness and thickness.  Production runs are tested at random to ensure absolute balance, trueness and dimension.  If we haven't stated the obvious, these are produced exclusively for us in the USA, right here in NJ.

Unique Features
Being longtime wheel spacer users, we've been frustrated with common spacer issues.  By addressing some of these minor issues, we are able to make a more functional wheel spacer.

One issue is the dreaded "stuck" spacer.  There is the occasion, that a spacer may become "stuck" to the brake rotor surface, making removal very difficult or near impossible.  Because all wheel spacers that are produced have virtually flat back surfaces, you cannot wedge anything to pry off the spacer.  Not even the thinnest screwdriver or chisel will fit.  Rogue Engineering spacers now incorporate a newly designed "step" on the back side of the spacer, allowing for adequate tools to aid in the removal of the wheel spacer, in the event of a stubborn spacer.

Another issue, when dealing with spacers of multiple sizes, is being able to identify them easily without taking out a caliper to measure them.  To make things easier, the thickness of the spacer is now thoughtfully engraved on the front side of the face.

Our new "window" design removes safest amount of weight possible from the spacer itself.  For example, our new 10mm spacer design is 25% lighter than another US marketed brand and 40%than a common German brand.  With so much focus on lightweight wheels, installing a wheel spacer in excess of 1 pound seems like a neglected oversight.  Now, with our new design, you can have your spacer while adding minimal weight to the wheel assembly area.

Size RE spacer
weight (each)
weight (each)
Mass Increase
10mm 215g 360g 290g (0.63 lbs.)
12mm 263g 398g 270g (0.59 lbs.)
15mm 330g Sample Unavailable Not Available

Sizing and Compatibility
Rogue Engineering manufactures a few popular, most requested sizes.  All of our wheel spacers have ahubcentric lip which helps with the installation of wheels with the spacer in place.  For this reason, we do not produce sizes smaller than 10mm.  By making spacers to our design, we can produce unique sizes such as 12mm, originally designed for E46 M3s using Brembo big brake kits and OEM 18" wheels.

We produce the following sizes:

  • 10mm

  • 10mm Flat* (2 piece spacer) [does not have window design]

  • 12mm

  • 15mm

  • 18mm

All spacers fit BMW 5x120 bolt patterns with 72.5mm hub flanges (not E39, E70).  We do not produce any 4x100 patterns (older 3-series BMWs).

We have also found issues with E90 325 Xi models as they have very high hub contour height.  Customers must pre-measure the height to make sure it is less than 11.5mm tall, otherwise, they have to shave/grind down the hub face. 

* 10mm flat spacers are for use on the FRONT hubs only and are not compatible with E39, E46 Xi, E92 or E30 M3.

IMPORTANT NOTES about 10mm/12mm spacers

Hub Contour Height? Click on me to find out.
What is Hub Contour height?
Click on picture for description.

Note that the hub contour height for use with our 10mm/12mm spacers requires a maximum dimension of 11.5mm.  Anything taller (such as rust buildup or dust caps) can damage the spacer or even break off the hubcentric lip machined onto the spacer.  Please measure your hub to ensure compatibility before ordering.  Spacers that are damaged because of excessive hub contour height are not covered by Rogue Engineering's warranty policy.

10mm and 12mm spacers require rims with chamfered hub faces.  To determine if you have the appropriate wheel, compatible with these spacers, see the following pictures.

10mm/12mm spacers OK
10mm/12mm spacers NOT OK

Wheels found to be incompatible with these 10mm/12mm spacers, because of an insufficient rear chamfer depth, include the Kosei K1.

For wheels with insufficient rear chamfer depth, consider our new 10mm flat spacer.

Lug Bolt Information
All Rogue Engineering wheel spacers now include BLACK lug bolts that are ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 by TÜV. The finish is very close to BMW's OEM finish which is both corrosion resistant and durable. 

Included Hardware (Black nickel zinc)

Regardless of color of the bolts, lug bolts should be considered consumable items.  That's right, they do not last forever.  If you never remove your wheels, this is a different story.  However, if you remove and change wheels often (winter tires, track wheels, etc.), consider changing your hardware at least on a yearly basis to prevent premature hardware failure.

What Length Lug Bolts?
Some aftermarket wheels may have THICKER than OEM wheel pad widths (for strength, added rigidity, or simply because of the design), and require longer than stock lug bolts for adequate thread engagement.  Because of the multitude of aftermarket wheels, we cannot provide technical data as to how long your bolts need to be to fit non-OEM wheels.  Additionally, the bolts we provide with our spacers are designed to replace factory bolts on factory wheels.  We do not offer mixing-matching of bolts with spacers to accommodate non-OEM wheel pad dimensions. 

How Tight is Right?
It is important to note lug bolt torque. Below, find picture a lug bolt torqued to 90 ft. lbs. (according to the customer) using grease on the threads.  BMWs current specification on M12 lug bolts is 88 ft. lbs. (higher for M14 bolts).  This specification is with dry threads.  Anti-seize, grease, or other lubricants on the threads of the bolt can, and will, artificially lubricate the threads, causing an inaccurate torque reading when using a torque wrench.  This can yield a situation where the bolt is actually over-torqued (as shown in the case below).

Go ahead, click on the picture.  It's not pretty.


Wheel bolts used with spacers installed and removed frequently should be considered consumables (like brake pads and rotors) and should be replaced on a regular basis, based on use. Wheel bolts supplied means that you accept liability for measuring and ensuring that there are enough threads engaged for your wheel application, as all wheels can vary. Repeated installation and removal can cause wheel bolts to stretch and ultimately break. Torque on bolts should be checked on a regular basis. Replacement wheel bolts are available for purchase.  We recommend checking bolt torque after the first 50-100 miles initially and regular intervals afterwards. Failure to do so may cause the wheel bolts to loosen and/or fail.  Follow factory recommended wheel bolt torque.

Spacers are priced per pair (2), and include appropriately length lug bolts (10).

Lug bolts provided not intended for use on E65 (7 series) or E53 (X5) models.  They require M14 lug bolts that we do not stock.

Spacers are priced with lug bolts included.  Customers requesting spacers shipped without lugbolts will receive a shipping discount, because of the weight savings of the lug bolts being deleted from the order.  THE PRICE OF THE SPACERS STILL REMAIN THE SAME!

The hub surface upon which the wheel spacer will be mounted should be adequately prepared before installation. This means all surface corrosion should be cleaned with a wire brush or steel wool to ensure a clean surface. A thin film of grease or anti-seize compound on the face of the wheel hub will aid in the future removal of the spacer. The spacer should slide over the hub without being forced. Using a hammer, mallet or other "tools of persuasion" on the wheel spacer for installation is not recommended and immediately voids any product warranty.