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Product Image Maximum PSI E46 M3 Turbo Kit STG 1

Maximum PSI E46 M3 Turbo Kit STG 1


Maximum Psi has created the world’s first and only factory DME tuned E46 M3 bolt on, street legal, turbo kit on the market.  By utilizing the factory ECU as our tuning platform, we are able to allow the car to retain all of the factory diagnostic checks.  The check engine light will illuminate only when there is a problem detected by the ECU.  There are no faults or codes stored or hidden on the ECU.  The catted version will be able to pass all OBDII readiness tests without the use of any “trickery”.  This kit comes with every nut, bolt and washer to perform the install.  A 190+ page instruction manual is included with the purchase of the kit filled with pictures and a step by step tutorial to help facilitate an easy installation!

Stage One:

Stock DME Technique Tuning Turbo Software
Maximum PSI Twin Scroll Tubular Exhaust Manifold (Ceramic Coated)
Precision 6266 Twin Scroll Turbo
Maximum PSI Aluminum Intake Manifold
Tial MVR Wastegate
Synapse Diverter Valve
Front Mount Intercooler & Hardware
MAF Sensor & Harness
Air Temp Sensor
Spark Plugs
Injectors & Connectors
Fuel Rail Hardware
Walbro 485 Fuel Pump Assembly
Intake Pipe
3" K&N Air Filter
2.5" Stainless Steel Hot Side Charge Piping
3" Stainless Steel Cold Side Charge Piping
All Silicone Couplers & Clamps Required
Check Valve For Evap System
Turbo Oil Feed & Drain Assembly
Oil Pan Drill Bit, Tap, & Template
Full 3" Stainless Steel Downpipe w/ Optional Catted or Catless Exhaust
Stainless Steel Wastegate Tube w/ Mounting Hardware
Turbo Mounting Hardware & Gasket
Header Mounting Hardware & Gaskets
Valve Cover Breather Hose & Clamps
Motor Mount, Mount Arm, & Hardware
Intake Manifold Brace and Hardware
Oil Pan Vent Plug Hardware
IVC Hose, Clamps, & Fittings
Washer Bottle Pump Tank, & Assembly w/ Hardware
SMG Relocation Kit & Hardware (if necessary)
Brake Duct Block & Hardware
Vacuum Hose & Fittings
Wiring Supplies
Zip Ties
ECU Shipping Bag
Bumper Weather Stripping

Stage 1 Pricing
Six Speed Non Catted: $9,900.00
Six Speed Catted: $10,100.00
SMG Non Catted: $10,100.00
SMG Catted: $10,300.00