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Product Image RADIUM Fuel Surge Tank Kit for BMW E46

RADIUM Fuel Surge Tank Kit for BMW E46


This comprehensive installation kit includes everything needed to install a Radium Engineering Single Walbro, AEM, Aeromotive, or Deatchwerks equipped fuel surge tank (FST) in a 1999-2006 BMW E46 3-series.

All Radium FSTs feature anodized aluminum surfaces, Teflon insulated wiring, submersible hose, etc. to make them alcohol (ethanol/methanol/E85) compliant. 

The BMW install kit locates the FST in a collision-safe area of the trunk behind the rear seat. The bolt-on powdercoated aluminum mounting bracket features rubber isolating grommets to reduce fuel pump noise.

Also included is a fully assembled plug and play wiring harness featuring a weatherproof fuse and relay to drive the FST's fuel pump. A Delphi weatherpak connector is also provided for the fuel pump trigger activation to make the entire system modular.

Included are 8 PTFE (Teflon) hoses which are cut to length and preassembled. The PTFE liner is great for all types of fuel, especially with high alcohol contents, such as ethanol (E85). Unlike standard rubber hose, PTFE is non-permeable and eliminates any possible fuel vapor smell. These PTFE hoses use anodized aluminum hose ends are cut-to-length specifically for this application. The inner stainless steel braid resists extreme fuel pressures and is covered with black PVC which gives the hose added protection from debris and provides abrasion protection. Supplied in -6AN size only.

The PTFE hoses mate at a junction point in the trunk using 4 bulkheads fittings and a billet aluminum plate for interior aesthetics. 

BMW Install Kit Features:

-Preassembled 3/8" PTFE (Teflon) Hoses 
-Powder Coated Mounting Bracket with Vibration Isolators
-AN Bulkhead and Adapter Fittings
-Stainless Steel Hardware 
-Installation Instructions 
-Complete Wiring Harness with Relay and Fuse
-Anodized Billet Aluminum Bulkhead Plate

 Compatible with all BMW 3-series (including M3) from 2001-2006 (excluding convertible).


 Shown below is an 18 minute track session of vehicle without a fuel surge tank installed.


X Axis: Fuel Pressure above 1500RPM Note: Pressure SHOULD be ~47.5psi constant