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Product Image Macht Schnell Catless Track Downpipes - N54 (Ceramic Thermal Coat, 76.2mm (3.00”) )

Macht Schnell Catless Track Downpipes - N54 (Ceramic Thermal Coat, 76.2mm (3.00”) )


With a maximum output of 306 hp from 2,979 cc the 135/335’s N54 powerplant ensures exceptional driving dynamics at all times with all the power of a much larger normal-aspiration engine. Twin turbochargers each forcing compressed air into three cylinders ensure a standard of spontaneity never seen before in a turbocharged power unit. The big advantage of these relatively small turbochargers is their low inertia, avoiding excessive “turbo gap” – the moment which usually passes by until the turbocharger builds up its boost – typical of a conventional turbocharged engine. On the road, therefore, the turbocharged power unit of N54 variant offers all the power and performance of a much larger normally-aspirated engine.

Stock downpipes cause a major restriction in exhaust flow coupled with their small 57mm (2.25″) pipe diameter and numerous crush-bends with factory pre-cats squeezed in engine compartment. This results in excessive backpressure and excessive heat, which ultimately affects overall performance at all RPM loads.

Macht Schnell’s 76.2mm (3.00″) N54 Catless Track Downpipes allow instantaneous turbo spooling and ultra-low backpressure proving significant hp/tq gains that can be felt immediately after installation.

Mandrel-bent T304 Stainless Steel tubing is used to ensure constant exhaust flow is achieved by eliminating any restrictions, resulting in maximum gains and noticeable sound during turbo spooling. TIG-welded construction and Stainless Steel V-Band/catback flanges are durable as well as pleasing to the eyes. Heavy Duty exhaust gaskets and Stainless locking fasteners complete the package.

Stainless O2 sensor bung locations are mounted in the factory locations while introducing additional stainless steel thermocouple bungs for those monitoring EGTs.

Downpipe Features:
- 76.2mm overall diameter, eliminating restrictive factory pre-cats and crush bends
- 100% T304 Stainless Steel construction, using mandrel bends
- Precision TIG welded joints
- Heavy-Duty Stainless V-Band/Exhaust flanges
- Heavy-Duty locking fasteners and exhaust gaskets included
- Factory O2 locations retained with Stainless Steel bungs
- Pre-installed Stainless EGT bungs for easy thermocouple mounting
- Reduced underhood temperatures

Note: Relocation or deletion of primary cats from factory location is required. This product is intended to be used only on racing vehicles on closed courses, and not for use on roads or vehicles otherwise subject to emission control requirements

Models Supported:
2008-2010 E82/8 135i
2011+ E82 1M
2007-2010 E9X 335i (no xi)
2010+ E9X 335is