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Product Image Macht Schnell Electronic Dampening Control (EDC) Emulation Module

Macht Schnell Electronic Dampening Control (EDC) Emulation Module


For those wanting to move away from EDC for aftermarket suspension systems or coilover setups, the EDC monitoring can be a bit obtrusive as this type of monitoring is no longer required - resulting in numerous error messages thinking the system has malfunctioned. Our EDC Emulation Module installs in less than 15 minutes and will fully emulate a fully active EDC environment when activated. Module can be activated/deactivated by via the integrated mini USB port within the module housing.

Electronic Damper Control (EDC) from BMW reduces variations in wheel load, ensures tires have excellent traction and counteracts bodyshell movement regardless of the weight your automobile may be carrying - and regardless of the state of the road’s surface. EDC can even help shorten braking distances, meaning you enjoy outstanding comfort along with the best in BMW on-road safety. Sensitive sensors constantly monitor all factors influencing the vehicle’s behavior and occupants’ comfort, including road conditions, load changes and vehicle speed. In a fraction of a second, the signals are analyzed by the EDC microprocessor and orders are sent to the actuators on the shock absorbers, which, with the help of magnetic valves, are variably adjusted to provide optimal suspension.

The Macht Schnell EDC Emulation Module is possible of the following features:
- The ability to run aftermarket racing suspension/coilover setups in which EDC monitoring is not required
- Compatible with iDrive and non-iDrive systems
- Easy 15-minute installation process with no wire cutting
- Proper emulation of the EDC monitoring system
- No dealer visits or coding required after installation
- Completely removable at any time

Note: The Macht Schnell EDC Emulation Module will disable the EDC monitoring system supplied by BMW. For this reason, this module is not intended for street vehicles and can result in possible injury or death if proper conditions are not followed.

Models Supported:
2008+ E9X M3
2005-2010 E60 M5
2005-2010 E63 M6