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Product Image EVOLVE IAT Relocation Kit

EVOLVE IAT Relocation Kit


The factory placement of the E39 M5′s and E46 M3's air intake temperature sensor (inside the airflow meter) was a design oversight in this otherwise near-perfect car.  Since the airflow meters sit directly behind the radiator, the factory sensor sends inaccurately high temperature readings to the DME when the engine is hot.  When the DME receives these false high readings, the engine’s performance is retarded to protect itself.  In tests, the temperature inside the AFM is often over 45 degrees F higher than the actual air temperature outside the car.  This kit relocates the sensor to the front of the car inside the airdam, where it will always send the true temperature reading to the engine’s DME.  This simple modification will ensure consistent performance when the engine is at full operating temperature.

This kit is completely safe and effective, since the sensor that it bypasses is used for no other reason than to read and send ambient temperature information to the DME.  The other sensors that monitor the temperature of other components of the car (engine, exhaust, coolant, etc.) are unaffected.

  • Intake temperature sensor
  • Jam nut
  • Bosch harness
  • Instructions