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Product Image EVOLVE Carbon Intake System BMW E39 M5

EVOLVE Carbon Intake System BMW E39 M5


Evolve High Flow Carbon Induction System
Evolve Air Intake Sensor Relocation Kit

E39 M5 5.0 V8, performance gain approx. 12hp incl. V-MAX release

In order to gain power we have identified the yet another  restrcition point and flaw in the S62 V8 engine setup.

The first is the air intake temperature ready taken by the ECU.  The factory air filter / intake system has a major flaw from the factory.  The air intake temperature sensor is located inside the mass air sensor housing which sits directly infront of the radiator.  Due to the nature of modern temperature sensors, the sensor becomes heatsoaked and sends an artificially high reading to the engine management system.  The ECU then retards ignition timing and adds fuel which result in less power.

To avoid this we reloacate the air intake temperature sensor to a more suitable position where it will have a true reading of the air intake temperature.

We then looked at the restriction that the factory intake system poses.  The factory cold air feed is placed behind the front bumper where airflow is very poor.  The airboxes are undersized with the cold air feed tubes having a very small opening.
Evolve have designed an intake system which replaces the airbox assembly and places high flow air filters high up in the bumper behind the fog lights where cool air in abundance. We have used 100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre that is very light, strong and conducts less heat than metal or plastic.

This two fold upgrade complete eradicates all flaws and restrictions in the intake system and gives much improved throttle response with increased power above 4500rpm.

Typical power gains are in the region of 10-15hp and most importantly with the new intake temperature probe the temperature readings are now correct giving a much more consistent power delivery.

As these delete the MAF's you will require the Evolve Alpha N tune to run these intakes. 


-100 Pre-preg carbon fibre

- Enhanced power through rpm range

- Restored power by relocating air intake temp. sensor

- Sharper throttle response and improved drivability


Dyno Graph (Intake kit tested without tuning) - click for larger image

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